Congratulations to runners and special thanks to parents!

Parents and Runners,

Saturday’s event was an incredible day in so many ways. All the runners stepped up and ran the best race of the year finishing 2nd in the girl’s race and 3rd in the boy’s races with almost every runner doing their best time ever. The coaches are so proud of everyone! We are also thankful for all the parents who helped make this event so good. Your support is so important in making this event successful!

Although there are no more meets for the junior varsity the coaches want to encourage everyone who wants to continue to train with the team. Some runners need to take time off to heal injuries, but everyone is welcome to come out every day as the varsity continues work toward making it to the state meet.

We are also thankful that Allison Monk is okay after giving us all a real scare. It takes an incredible effort to push yourself to the point of exhaustion.

Practice this week will be at BHS Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and Wednesday at Santa Fe. There will be no practice Friday as the teams travel to Tallahassee for Pre-States. Travel plans for that event will come later.

Race results and pictures are on the website: and

Again, congratulations and thanks to everyone.
Coaches Maren and Lehning