Appropriate clothing and training shoes


Please help the coaches by making sure your child leaves the house with the proper clothing. I lost track of how many runners showed up today in t-shirts and shorts IN 40 DEGREE WEATHER! This can only result it sickness and/or injury. In the future, runners who don’t wear appropriate gear WILL BE SENT HOME.

Also, there are runners out WHO STILL DON’T HAVE PHYSICALS. Starting tomorrow, they too will be sent home. This is a district and state requirement!

I am sending the schedule and the minutes of the parent meeting as we had many parents who were not able to attend. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me with them.

For those who missed the window on uniforms, there will be another opportunity to purchase one.I suggest that you check with the coaches as to the racing spikes you buy. Some have already had to exchange them. NOT ALL SPIKES ARE THE SAME!

For those running cross country next year, here is the link to the camp: We want to go to the final week, July 19-25. You still have plenty of time but if you know you want to attend I would sign up. The coaches would like everybody that can attend do so, especially girls this year.

Finally, for those runners who chose not to participate in voluntary conditioning (which started before Christmas) I recommend using your best judgement and progress slowly. Pushing yourselves to the point of exhaustion or injury is unwise and will just result in your falling further behind. Keeping a daily training diary will help you keep track of your training.

Thank you,
Coach Lehning